Easy! 5 Steps To Get Your Body Back Post Pregnancy!

I knew I wanted a child as soon as my nephew, Lazarus, was born. I visited my sister for two weeks after he was born and helped her with the feeding, caring, cuddling, etc. Basically we shared a bed for two weeks and took turns showering, while the other watched the newborn. Then, it happened to me!

Me and Lazarus- around age 4

Me and Lazarus- around age 4

Getting pregnant at the age of 39 has its own challenges, and for me, one of them was the way my body looked and behaved after giving birth. Yes, all pregnant women look adorable with their babu bump and all clothes look cute on you….but lo and behold, once the baby came out, I was left with all the swelling, fat, and cellulite in the entire universe.

I was desperate. I felt like a stranger was looking back at me in the mirror-like wtf happened to you, woman? I was looking woefully at pictures of myself pre-pregnancy and regretting that I ever said unkind things about my body. It was like looking at your high school pics and laughing at yourself for ever thinking you were fat!

After talking with my bff, who is a functional medicine practitioner and a nutritionist (she works for some of the most cutting edge clinics in London and is the sweetest person in the world!), she recommended that I use my genetic testing material to help determine my lifestyle. What this means is that I did a DNA test before I was pregnant to determine if I carries any genes for major illnesses(pregnancy makes you very nervous). My bff, Des, fed my raw data into her algorithm and created a report for me. This was totally eye opening and super interesting. I also did a gut biome test to ensure the everything was ok and that I didn't have leaky gut, etc meaning that I actually can absorb the nutrients from my food. Bad gut flora is also associated with weight gain.

Here are the steps I took to get healthy and lose weight based on my results:

  1. No Sugar-I have the gene for obesity and anxiety/depression and there is a link

  2. No Wheat-I have the gene for Celiac disease

  3. Switch from high fat to mid fat diet with a focus on unsaturated fats-I have the gene that higher saturated fat leads to weight gain

  4. As many vegetables as I can eat-I usually eat 500g-1 kilo a day

  5. Customized supplements for my needs and to heal my gut-I had a parasite and the Epstein Barr virus

  6. Post Pregnancy massage to target fascia adhesions and cellulite

I committed to taking this approach for six months-until Christmas and sticking to it!

The first month, July 2018(2 months after giving birth) of my new lifestyle was tough. I was used to eating toast every morning with jam, a habit I picked up during pregnancy due to my nausea. I switched to smoothies and made a healthy lunch every day. I did feel a change in my energy but no weight loss.

The second month, I found new and exciting ways to cook and make treats for myself without sugar and wheat. This made my menu much more interesting and got me to explore new recipes. And I love to cook! Still no weight loss…I thought I better get used to being overweight, but Im still going! I still have hope!

The third month, I really started to feel a difference in my energy levels, despite the sleepless nights and I noticed that my face was starting to slim down. I weighed myself and saw that I had lost 7 kilos! I was elated and hooked on my new lifestyle! I also started doing the post pregnancy massage during this time and started seeing significant reductions in my cellulite and body circumference. This really helped me get rid of the water retention and get my confidence back. There is just something very healing about massage(although this one is quite painful-eek)

The morning of delivery vs. three months into my new lifestyle

The morning of delivery vs. three months into my new lifestyle

The fourth, fifth, and sixth month I lost an additional 8 kilos in total, adding up to 15 kilos! I also started exercising very lightly around this time.

I am now down to my pre-pregnancy weight, but would like to lose 4-5 more kilos. I will continue this lifestyle indefinitely and keep you posted on how my progress is going! I will give myself 6 more months to lose the 4-5 kilos as my weight loss has tapered off. I have been exercising almost daily the past months so as to keep my metabolism going and to build muscle.

Pregnancy and giving birth is nothing short of a miracle and has helped me look at my body and the amazing creation that it is. Hope these tips work for you and let me know how your journey has been!