Save Your Money! Fall Fashion to Avoid!

Save Your Money! Fall Fashion to Avoid!

Nothing got me more excited about fashion than the Fall edition of Vogue Magazine. I remember reading it patiently and sifting through the pages as a kid, diving into this fantasy world of elegance and beauty.

After studying the Fall editions of all my favourite magazines, I have curated a list of things to avoid this season.


Because I don’t have the time nor the desire to wear clothes that are only beautiful and not practical. This is my mantra: beautiful and practical.


Here are the trends I’m avoiding this Fall:


1) Oversized sleeves: They look amazing, but knowing my clumsy self, I will be getting coffee, tea, soup on the cuffs three seconds after I put on a shirt with humongous sleeves.

2) Tiny Bags: I’m a curvy girl and this will just draw attention to the size of my behind. No Thanks. Maybe I’ll buy one for baby Georgia as the proportions are correct for her.

3) Quilted Fabrics: Although these look beautiful on purses and some coats, they add bulk, and I cannot afford that. I want to look as sleek as possible, so not going out wearing my duvet. If you have a long and lean figure though, go for it!

4) Extreme shine & Holographic Finishes: Lots of these pieces trending right now, but I’m keeping any shine to my accessories. Besides shiny clothing adding kilos to your figure, they are also extremely limiting in your closet. Everyone will always remember the three times you wore that Liberace looking jacket that matches only with that specific outfit.

5)High Vamp Heels: I can admire this look on other women. Really.  But I cannot pull it off without feeling etremely matronly.  A little toe cleavage never hurt nobody 


Let me know what you think of the below trends and if you agree with my curated selection.


Lots of love,